Requirements to become a Registrar

Accreditation process
The process was designed to be agile and with minimal requirements. It consists of the following steps.
Initial contact
Contact us at to initiate the accreditation process. We will request information to generate your contract and will dicuss how you wish to participate in the .LAT launch
Review and acceptance of contract terms
An information package will be sent to you via email which will include the Registrar Registry Agreement prepared with the information you provided to us.
Contract Signing
If you agree with the contract, we will generate the signature-ready version and deliver it to you. At that moment you can start the technical validation process. This process will help you to get connected to the .LAT Registry systems.
To initiate the integration tests with the .LAT systems, it is necessary to request credentials for secure access. When the time comes, we will provide the tests’ instructions and manual.
To be able to participate in the .LAT launch, it is required to complete the integration with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).
Once the tests have been completed and we have your signed contract, we will provide the credentials for the production system.
Initial Deposit
Once you have signed the contract, we will send the information to make the initial deposit. At that point, you can participate in the .LAT launch or join the General Availability phase.