Program Characteristics

If you are an ICANN Accredited Registrar and want to be part of .LAT, please contact us at:
Take part in the .LAT Registrars Program
The .LAT Registrars Program has been designed to facilitate the integration with the registry systems. The services and interfaces are based on industry standards, with minimal differences. Specifications for the launch and general availability follow the most used standards and suggested EPP extensions, virtually without change.
Program Benefits
Join the new gLTD for Latinos
  Join the gLTD, oriented to the entrepreneur market with the highest drive and growth. Offer to your clients the highly recognized new gLTD that provides an Internet presence with a Latino identity.
Experienced Technical Support
  Our technical staff has the training and experience necessary to provide effective support to complete the integration process without any setbacks. They will provide personalized assistance in both English and Spanish, and will help you in the day-to-day operations of the .LAT Registry.
Marketing and Promotional Support
  Our team has proven experience in the target market and will make marketing and promotional programs available for registrars to participate.