.LAT Policies

All Policies reflect the ICANN Registry Agreement requirements

.LAT Domain Names General Policy.
This document describes the general terms and conditions that apply to all domain registrations in the .LAT registry.

Acceptable Use (Anti-Abuse) Policy:
This document describes the Acceptable Use Policy for the .LAT Registry.

Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy:
This document describes the rules that the .LAT Registry will use when resolving Sunrise disputes.

Launch Policy:
This document describes the phases and related processes and applicable policy for the .LAT launch.

Privacy Policy:
This Privacy Policy describes what information we may collect about you; how me use your information; how we protect it; and what choices you have to protect your privacy.

.LAT Reserved Domain Names Policy
This document describes the different categories of reserved domain names that are not available for registration.

ICANN's Whois Policy
For ICANN's Whois Policy and other educational materials click here.

DNSSEC Practice Statement
It describes the practices and provisions that .LAT Registry applies in the LAT Top Level Domain DNSSEC operations.