Launch Process

The launch of .LAT consists of the following phases:
Preferential Launch (SUNRISE)
During this stage, trademark holders are given the opportunity to request the registration of the .LAT domain that matches with their brand before the .LAT is open to the public. To be able to participate, it is necessary to register the brand at the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).
The Sunrise process will have a duration of 60 days.
Every trademark holder registered at TMCH can participate.
During Sunrise, registry applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
  Domains that have received only one application will be assigned to the applicant.
  Domains that have received more than one application will pass to an auction process with an external provider.
Wait Period (Quiet Period)
During this period, applications received during Sunrise will be reviewed. If there are several applications for the same domain name, an auction with an external provider will be necessary. The domain names will be assigned to the winners of the auctions at the end of the Quiet Period.
At the end of this period, every domain name requested during Sunrise must be assigned. At that moment, they can be activated in the DNS of the .LAT zone to be visible on the Internet.
Initial Registration (Landrush)
In this period, every domain name that complies with ICANN’s guidelines will be available to the public for the first time. The domain names registry has no eligibility restrictions.
During Landrush, a reverse auction scheme will be applied. The registry fee will be at a Premium level during the first days and will decrease in the days following.
Domain names will be assigned by order of arrival.
In this way the user determines the value of their domain name by deciding the best time and price to complete the registration. This comes with risk of someone else registering a domain before them if they wait too long for a lower price.
General Availability
Once the initial registration has concluded, the domain names will be assigned in order of arrival at the standard public fee.
If you are an ICANN Accredited Registrar and want to participate in the launch of .LAT, write us to: